Tutorial Video Series – Strainprint Analytics: Cannabis Researcher

We produced a series of tutorial videos for Strainprint Analytics. Their analytics platform is a powerful tool in the collection of data and research in Cannabis use. Strainprint gives producers, clinics and researchers the information they need to make informed decisions about what to grow, what to prescribe and what trends are on the horizon. They are leaders in the emerging cannabis industry and are helping conduct market research in this new space.




Strainprint Analytics uses an app that allows users to track their cannabis use sessions and records which treatments are working best for patients. Strainprint wanted to create a series of tutorial videos that explain how to use each feature of their app. 


We produced a series of explainer videos that explained how to use the Strainprint app. For each video, a camera angle of the phone was recorded, showing each gesture while navigating the app. A screen recording was also captured and combined with the other angle to show how to fully navigate the app. Furthermore, we produced a voice over explaining each step of the app.

This series helped Strainprint show their users how to fully use their app, ensuring proper use of the app and accurate recordings of user data. In addition to this, the series also helped increase the number of app downloads, as users felt more comfortable using the app.

Strainprint also launched a forum for users to share info with community members. Therefore, we produced a video tutorial series for that also. Here is one of the videos we produced for their forum that helps users navigate the site and post questions/info to other members.





  • Consultation & Pre-Production
  • Script writing & Studio Voiceover
  • Multiple filming days & locations
  • Video editing & colour
  • Music Selection & Licensing
  • Social media clips
  • Export/Hosting & Revision Adjustments

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