Variety in Video Formatting – How We Help You Reach Different Audiences

At Flypress Films in London, Ontario, we understand that the digital landscape demands flexibility and innovation in video production. We don’t just create videos; we craft experiences tailored to diverse platforms and formats. This adaptability ensures your content resonates deeply with its intended audience.

Understanding Different Formats and Aspect Ratios

Videos come in various shapes and sizes, each suited to different environments. A traditional 16×9 format is perfect for YouTube or your website. It offers a wide, cinematic view ideal for storytelling and detailed visuals. In contrast, the 9×16 vertical format is designed for platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok. It caters to mobile users and maximizes vertical screen space. The square 1×1 ratio works well on social feeds like Instagram, commanding attention amidst the endless scroll.

Choosing the Right Format for Your Audience

The choice of format should reflect not just where but also who will view the video. For example, targeting a younger, mobile-first audience might mean opting for vertical videos on TikTok or Instagram Stories. Detailed or narrative-driven content may be better suited for wider formats on YouTube or websites.

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How Flypress Supports Your Vision

Here at Flypress, we do more than adapt to different video formats. We strive to understand your brand’s essence and the core of your story. Our approach combines technical expertise with a deep appreciation for storytelling and brand marketing. This ensures that every content piece is not only visually compelling but also emotionally engaging and strategically aligned with your goals.  We film with multiple edits in mind, ready to adapt your video to whatever format you may need.

Spotlight on Mia Thrives


Consider our work with Mia Thrives, a company dedicated to supporting individuals with Epidermolysis bullosa. We use various video formats to tell their story, from heartfelt widescreen stories to engaging vertical updates. These videos inform and invite connection, understanding, and community support. They reflect the heart of Mia Thrives’ mission.


At Flypress, we believe in authenticity, strategic storytelling, and the power of brand marketing. These elements ensure we not only reach an audience but also resonate with them profoundly. Let us help you tell your story, in the right format, to the right people.

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