This Video Biography was a welcomed diversion from our usual corporate and business video production.

Typically we stick to promotional videos, educational/training pieces, etc., but when we were asked to make a short video biography of Jen’s 95 year old Grandmother we were flattered and dove right in.

Lillian Vaughan is not your average 95 year old girl, not that anyone who lives to 95 is average!

Lillian is funny and quick, she lives independently and takes care of her own cooking and housework. Filming with Lillian was great!  She is not camera shy and has an honesty in the way she speaks about life that is very endearing.
Lillian’s family approached FlyPress about doing a short biography video to capture some of her family history as well as some treasured moments and memories. As Lillian tells her stories you can’t help but know that this was a life well lived.

The interview was shot in one quick session as Lillian served up her memories effortlessly. The b-roll shots of Lillian in the kitchen was her hospitality in action.  Between stories she served tea and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Obviously, I took full advantage of the both the snacks and the chance to get her tinkering about in her kitchen.

The window by her favourite chair, and a single bounce card provided a perfectly lit interview with natural light. Her apartment, full of keepsakes, photos and souvenirs, gave opportunity for gathering meaningful cutaway shots that really contributed to the edit.

As usual, I found the perfect music selection for this video biography project from my good friends at themusicbed.com.  Typically with an edit nearing 10 min you would not expect to find a single song to carry the whole edit.  What a welcomed surprise, personally we think we nailed the music on this one.  Thank you Aural Method for the beautiful song (song title: I Sought My Love Beyond the Hill, I Found Her Bathed in Waters Still Aural Method).

The pleasure and honour was ours!  Thank you for the opportunity to create such a meaningful Video Biography.   Lillian – we wish you the best of luck with your future plans of travel, crafting and  many adventures!

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