When you book a filming day with FlyPress Films, you’re signing up for much more than just a brand video. While we excel at crafting compelling brand narratives, there’s an array of additional content we can produce to maximize your session. Here’s how to make your filming day with us as efficient and impactful as possible.

Think Beyond the Brand Video

A brand video is a powerful tool, but why stop there? Our filming days offer the perfect opportunity to create a diverse content library. Think product demos, customer testimonials, social edits, or behind-the-scenes footage. This approach ensures you have a rich repository of content for various marketing needs, enhancing your brand’s visibility across multiple platforms.

Pre-production: The Blueprint of Success

Efficiency on set begins with meticulous pre-production. This phase is all about understanding your video’s message and objectives. By planning out the shoot-brief, shot list, and schedule beforehand, we ensure the filming day goes smoothly, allowing us to capture everything needed without unnecessary delays.

People in Factory - Brand Marketing Video

Narrow Down on Deliverables

Our experience has shown that clients benefit from focusing their vision on what deliverables will serve them best. Whether it’s a series of short clips for social media or a detailed explainer video, knowing these details ahead of time helps in planning the shoot to cover all necessary angles and content.

Leverage the Power of Social Media Content

While the cameras are rolling, it’s the perfect time to gather bite-sized content for social media. These quick, engaging clips are ideal for maintaining an active online presence. They can be crafted with dynamic music and visuals, offering a cost-effective way to enhance your social media strategy.

Create Content Variations

We often produce a comprehensive edit for more detailed storytelling suited to audiences already familiar with your brand. Simultaneously, we create shorter, more engaging versions tailored for social media to capture attention and drive engagement. This dual approach ensures your content works well on multiple platforms.

Showcase: Madison Taylor’s “Inspired Environments” Series

A prime example of our versatile brand video production is the “Inspired Environments” series we created for Madison Taylor, a leader in residential architectural design. We were asked to film an episode focusing on their lead landscape architect.  This video showcases the intricate process of designing harmonious outdoor living spaces. The full-length version dives deep into their design philosophy and process, aimed at industry professionals and clients interested in comprehensive landscape architecture.


For broader reach, we crafted a series of engaging clips from the same footage, highlighting key projects and design elements. These snippets are perfect for sharing on social media, attracting a wider audience and sparking interest in Madison Taylor’s innovative designs.


Maximizing your filming day isn’t just about shooting multiple videos—it’s about strategic planning and execution that aligns with your brand marketing goals. At FlyPress, we pride ourselves on making every second count, ensuring you walk away with a portfolio of content that not only tells your story but amplifies it across all your marketing channels. Let’s make your next filming day the most productive yet!

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