Cheap video production can come at a high cost. Yay! You found a kid with a nice camera who calls himself a videographer. What!? He will make my entire brand video for only 300 bucks?! Prepare to be disappointed.

Hiring a cheap video production team to showcase your brand can seem too good to be true. It usually is. From lower quality cameras, little or no lighting setup, poor client communication, not to mention sloppy editing. As a result, the cost of cheap production will result in a video you don’t feel proud of and you risk a negative impact on your brand.  It’s reasonable to want the best value for your hard-earned dollars. Just ensure you know what you want and that your video team can deliver.


The simplest tip we can give you to ensure your video production team is right for you, is to look at previous work and testimonials. If the video team has delivered consistently great results to clients, the chances are high that you will be pleased with your result.

Ask about equipment and experience. Every business is different and a video that suits your brand will have key messaging and visual components that reflect who you are.  Because you are looking for the best video your budget allows, ensure the production team is using high quality cameras. There are major differences between the image quality of a team using consumer cameras and a team using cinema cameras.

How does the team treat lighting? Lighting the subject for an interview is arguably the most important factor to the overall look and feel of the interview. Ensure any video production team you are considering hiring has the experience to light your interview professionally.

Poor audio equals a poor final video. There is no point in having the best cameras with the best lighting if the interview audio is poor or unusable. Make sure your video team has quality audio equipment, with the know-how to use it.

Messaging and post production (editing) is the key element. It takes the equipment and skills used during the production process to delivering an outstanding final product.   Often times its the lack of attention to detail or experience during post production that makes your final result unappealing.   When watching sample videos ask yourself, is the messaging clear, did I learn more about the company, did the visuals complement and bring to life the narrative?


We have had many clients come to us after dealing with cheaper or more inexperienced video production company hoping for a better experience. We know being burned can make things scary, but be brave. Trying again will be worth it, just choose carefully.  If you do have the footage from your failed attempt, sometimes it can be repurposed into short social media clips. Alternatively, it can reworked by a more experienced video team, you will be surprised what a skilled editor can achieve.

If you are interested in discussing options for your high-quality brand video, or if you are in need of professional editing of existing footage, please contact us.



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