What is Social Media Micro Content? And why do you need it?


Micro content is defined as written copy, imagery, or video content that can be consumed within 10 seconds.


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Micro content is designed to be consumed on a smartphone, to quickly get a message across, and that’s it.


Don’t confuse length for substance.


The purpose isn’t to tell the viewer everything about your brand or business. It’s just to remind existing followers that your business is there, or to encourage potential new followers to check out your page. 


Maybe it’s a mouthwatering photo of a dessert that your bakery makes. It reminds a follower she should stop by on her way home from work to get a box for her family. 



Maybe it’s a short clip of your recent house-build that engages someone on the explore page. He saves your post to check out later in the day for when he’s researching what company should build his new dream cottage. 


If done well, it’s amazing what short, captivating content can do for your business.


3 Reasons YOU Need Micro Content in 2021


1.  The Filming Day is Efficient

Unlike a typical video shoot for a brand video or commercial, the filming day is very efficient.

Just list which products, projects, or spaces need to be shot and make sure your business looks its best on the day of filming. No need to prepare for a long interview day. The video team will make sure visuals of your products & services are captured beautifully. 


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2. You Get To Stay Focused On Your Business

A huge benefit in choosing to produce micro content is that you get to stay focused on your business. Like mentioned above, the filming process requires less involvement from you & your team. You get to stay focused on what you are good at, running your business.

You also don’t have to worry about capturing social media posts. Often business owners are worried about keeping up to date with social and spend part of their day thinking about what they can take a photo of and post. With micro content, you or your social media coordinator will have a stockpile of photos and videos to post – reducing the amount of headspace you currently use for social media, and freeing up bandwidth for you to focus on running your business.


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3. You’ll End Up With A Beautiful Social Feed (Hint: More Sales & Followers)

The real win of choosing to produce micro content is that you’ll always have beautiful content to populate your feed with. You’ll end up with a captivating grid of beautiful visuals designed to trigger desire and create a deeper emotional connection with your audience. The individual posts will put your brand or business in the minds of existing and potential customers, leading to more sales and a more engaged audience


If you are interested in using micro content as part of your digital marketing strategy, check out our Micro Content Video Package



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