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The best part about working at FlyPress Films, is all the great entrepreneurs we get to befriend along the way. By effectively telling their story we get to, in a way, be part of their story and part of their success. I love meeting people with the vision, audaciousness and patience to actually bring new ideas to the table and new products to market. None of this change happens without first going over many hurdles and road blocks. So, we commend them for that!

BestWay Backflow Prevention Corporation commissioned FlyPress Films to create a product promotion video for their newest product, the Trap Gap. As well, we filmed a clear and concise installation video to show how to get the product from the box to fully installed, filling the trap seal primer. Although the Trap Gap comes with a very simple, and easy to follow instruction diagram, owner Jay Milne recognizes the usefulness of video for further getting the job done. How many of us know this is true. When something has to be fixed, or installed, or learned quickly we predictably turn to YouTube the answers – Welcome to the iPhone generation!

In the product promotion video and the installation video, Owner/Inventor Jay Milne, educates us on some of the hazards of not having backflow protection on the Trap Seal Primer Cross connection and demonstrates just how quick and easy the installation will be.

Jay uses the following plumbing analogies to help the nay-sayers understand the inevitable:
It was once thought that asbestos pipe was a good thing for use in plumbing systems… As it turns out, it is not a good thing. Change happens.
It was once thought that lead used in plumbing systems was not a problem…
As it turns out, it is a problem. Change happens.
It was once thought that making a direct connection between a potable water system and a sanitary sewer system is no big deal…
As it turns out, it is a big deal. Change happens.

At FlyPress Films we believe that change is about to happen – and The Trap Gap will soon be the new standard of backflow protection for trap seal primer cross connections!

–FlyPress Films

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