What is paid social advertising?


Paid social advertising refers to any content on social media that is the result of paid advertising dollars.


This may come in the form of advertised video pre-roll ads or sponsored posts in social media feeds.


The purpose of paid social ads is to put content in the eyes of viewers who wouldn’t have seen them otherwise. They are designed to either raise awareness of your brand or promote a specific product your business sells. 


It could be a 6-second video clip on Instagram that showcases your food subscription service. A viewer sees it, remembers he wants to explore the convenience of not having to go to the grocery store, and he signs up for your service.



Or maybe it’s a 15-second video ad on YouTube telling a story about your company’s values, a viewer identifies with your brand’s philosophy, and she considers you next time she purchases a new car. 


With organic reach becoming more and more difficult to obtain, paid social advertising is the best way to reach new customers. 



Benefits of Paid Social Advertising


Paid social ads allow you to pay a small amount of money to reach a large audience. Social platforms offer audience targeting to reach specific viewers that you think may be interested in your product. The targeted ads land right in your audiences feeds, advertising a product they are likely interested in already based on real data. The high-level specificity leads to more sales in a cost effective way. 


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In 2021, consumers are spending more time on social and paid ads are an essential part of an effective digital marketing strategy.


Our team is capable of creating short, visually engaging videos ads that will captivate a new audience and generate more sales.

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