Whether you like it or not, the world is shifting online.

Our current circumstances have people working from home, businesses such as restaurants and gyms are closing down, and the world is facing uncertainty and unprecedented change. As a result, society is shifting online and digital is the new normal.  

How do you navigate during this change? 

What opportunities are there for your business? 

The Importance of a Digital Presence as Society Shifts Online

Now is a great time to build up your online presence.

If you are closed up for a few weeks – take the opportunity to invest in your digital marketing. This is something you can start right now. Post a video on your story of a current project or product you are working on, make a post explaining how customers can still order your product online, or just take a step back and take some time to strategize. 

We’ve already seen some of our clients doing this.

One of our clients is offering online versions of their classes so members can tune in to live-streams. Another has asked us to repurpose existing footage for social media edits so they can increase their posting on Instagram. A new client is working with us to come up with a video plan for when things return to normal. 

Opportunity Instead of Obstacle

Right now is a good time to think: How can this be an opportunity instead of an obstacle?

We’ve seen large manufacturers begin to pull their budgets from cancelled tradeshows and conferences and push 100% of that budget towards digital media so they can promote online instead. Restaurants are using this time to produce appealing photos and videos of their menu items so they can attract more online orders.  How can your business do something similar?

Here’s a few ideas to help:
– Product Videos (to boost online orders)
– Live Streaming (events are cancelled and content must go online)
– Interviews
– Brand / Story Videos

We Hope You’re Doing Okay

We hope that no matter what you’re going through right now, that you’re doing okay. We know there is a lot of uncertainty during this time, especially for small businesses. We hope that your situation is one that is full of hope rather than fear.

If there’s anything we can do to help your online marketing, please contact us.

*If you are a current or past client of ours contact us today about how we can create social video content from your archived footage.  We don’t need to re-shoot more content, we can repackage what we have into short engaging video content.  


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