In healthcare, community support is crucial for hospitals like Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH). At FlyPress Films in London, Ontario, and Kentucky, USA, we are honored to help GBGH share their mission through powerful video marketing. Our strategic storytelling boosts their fundraising efforts, inspiring the community to support vital health initiatives.

The Mission of GBGH

GBGH operates with profound dedication to patient care and community well-being. They inspire active engagement in supporting health initiatives. By prioritizing patients and fostering a supportive environment, GBGH continuously improves and innovates their care services. Our partnership with them is a privilege, grounded in shared values and commitment.

Storytelling Through Regular Updates

We’ve produced a series of engaging videos for GBGH that highlight their ongoing fundraising needs and achievements. These updates serve as poignant reminders of the hospital’s impact and the importance of donor support. Our narratives show the direct benefits of donations, such as purchasing essential medical equipment crucial for saving lives.

Guy standing with Camera - Video Marketing: Reach Your Fundraising Goals

Diverse Video Showcasing

Our collaboration with the GBGH Foundation’s fundraising goals has generated various video styles, tailored to different platforms and audiences. From longer, detailed 16×9 videos for professional presentations to snappy 9×16 clips for social media, our approach maximizes reach and impact. We create patient-focused videos that highlight personal stories and outcomes, alongside brand-focused videos that underline GBGH’s commitment and needs.

Inspiring Donations Through Personal Stories

One notable project is our video featuring Terry Day, a resident whose life was saved by GBGH’s care after a severe medical emergency. Terry’s story illustrates the need for advanced medical equipment fundraising. His video emphasizes the importance of community donations for acquiring a CT scanner and funding an MRI machine.

This video, and others like it invite the audience into Terry’s experience. They make a compelling case for why community support is essential. His heartfelt appeal shows the direct impact of donations on reducing wait times for vital diagnostic services.

At FlyPress Films, we believe in video marketing as a powerful tool to inform, inspire, and motivate. As we support GBGH and other healthcare institutions, our goal is clear: to use our storytelling expertise to help hospitals meet their fundraising goals. This enhances community health and well-being, one video at a time. Join us in supporting GBGH—because together, we can make a lifesaving difference.

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