At FlyPress Films in London, Ontario, and Kentucky, USA, we strive for perfection during filming. We prioritize nailing the right exposure, angles, and white balance. But sometimes, the magic happens in post-production. This is where 2D and 3D visual effects enhance your story in ways only VFX can.

Simple Enhancements: MOGRTs and Basic 2D Effects

Visual effects can range from straightforward motion graphics templates (MOGRTs) to more sophisticated 2D and 3D effects. These enhancements add a layer of polish to your videos. For example, dynamic text and subtle transitions can significantly elevate a narrative. In a recent project for Madison Taylor (showcased in video below), we integrated a 3D text effect that interacted beautifully with the background. This approach was not only visually engaging but also perfectly aligned with the brand’s refined image.

Text of name - Flypress VFX Marketing

The Usefulness of VFX in Drone Videography

Drone footage offers a unique perspective of spaces. When paired with VFX, it transforms into something extraordinary. Imagine aerial shots enhanced with animated overlays that highlight key features. This combination turns standard drone videography into an immersive experience. It’s ideal for clients like real estate developers or landscape architects who showcase their projects innovatively.

Would Your Video Benefit from VFX?

Integrating VFX is about enhancing your video strategically to align with your goals. Does your video aim to explain complex processes? Do you want to make a lasting impact? If so, VFX could be your answer. It crafts visuals that captivate and inform, making your message unforgettable.

Case Study: Madison Taylor


For Madison Taylor, our challenge was to represent their passion for “timeless, imaginative, and seamlessly unexpected” designs. By embedding VFX into the video, such as text that seemed to live within the environment and not just on the screen, we created a visual hook that mirrors their innovative architectural work. This approach not only enhanced the visual appeal but also deepened viewer engagement, drawing them into the Madison Taylor project.

At FlyPress Films, our passion for VFX is more than just aesthetics. It’s a strategic tool that, when used wisely, can transform content from good to great. Whether you’re considering a simple logo animation or a 2D or 3D overlay for your next project, VFX can be the difference between being watched and being remembered.

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