In 2014, Flypress Films captured a simple act of kindness that transformed our brand. This blog revisits “Emily’s Hair,” a video that showcased the power of storytelling and set FlyPress on a new trajectory.

The Heart of Emily’s Story

At just three years old, Emily James displayed profound generosity. With golden brown locks long enough for a wig, Emily chose to donate her hair to a child with cancer. Her parents suggested the idea. Despite knowing her hair would be short for a while, she agreed. Her decision was influenced by her favourite movie, “Tangled,” where Rapunzel also sports a short bob at the end. Emily’s condition for cutting her hair was that her doll, Dolly, would get a haircut first. FlyPress Films showcased this touching narrative, adding emotional depth to a simple haircut.

Viral Impact and Brand Recognition

“Emily’s Hair” exceeded our expectations and went viral, viewed by millions, and putting the Flypress brand on the map. Emily’s act of kindness resonated widely, landing her on several talk shows. This exposure put FlyPress Films on the map, and it showed the power of showcasing authentic content to touch hearts around the world.

Haircut from front - authentic brand showcase

Driving Forward with Storytelling

The success of Emily’s story highlighted the power of heartfelt storytelling in brand marketing. With over 5 million views, the video broadened our audience and enhanced our credibility which allowed us to attract more clients and projects.

Since then, FlyPress has focused on showcasing real moments that resonate with viewers. We believe every piece of content should convey a part of the human experience. Emily’s message, “just cut some off and give it to a kid,” inspires our brand video production. We focus on stories that stir emotions and provoke thought.

This milestone video shaped our company and reinforced the importance of showcasing your authentic brand. At FlyPress, in London, Ontario, and Kentucky, USA, we are excited to continue telling stories that matter. We create content that captures attention, fosters connections, and builds your brand.

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