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The Thanksgiving turkey!  Arguably the most anticipated part of the Thanksgiving meal. But, turkey is not turkey without the accompanying gravy and mashed potatoes.  Yes, Potatoes!  At FlyPress Films we have learned a thing or two about potatoes this past year.  Hopefully you’ve had a chance to look at some of the videos we have created as part of the educational video series for Sunrise Potato Storage Ltd.  Peter VanderZaag of Sunrise Potato in Alliston, Ontario’s potato capital, has been growing potatoes for over 22 years as a leader in the industry.  He is known and  acclaimed across the globe for his research and is committed to working with farmers in the developing world.  Peter currently serves on the Board of Directors of the International Potato Center (CIP)  which mandates to reduce poverty and achieve food security in developing countries.

Peter has been openly sharing his wealth of knowledge on potato storage, seeding, growing, pest control, etc.  The majority of their potato production goes to supplying the chipping industry.  But, they also invests a large part of their time doing research into pest & pathogen control as well as developing the perfect table potato and organic potato.

Educational Video Series

Our latest in the educational video series covers the growing season; learning about canopy development, irrigation, pest & pathogen control.

The more suiting video for the occasion is our Harvest video…which FlyPress Films will be filming this Saturday….in the mean time, check out our latest video and show some respect for that unsung hero covered in gravy.

Growing the Crop – part 1: Canopy Development from FlyPressFilms on Vimeo.


To view the full series, click here.

P.S. FlyPress Films is thankful for the hard work of our local farmers!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

-FlyPress Films

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