In the realm of video production, a common mantra you might hear is “We’ll fix it in post.” However, this approach can lead to a host of challenges that compromise the quality of the final product. At FlyPress Films, we emphasize the importance of getting it right the first time, ensuring that everything from white balance and exposure to framing and on-camera presence is perfect before we ever hit record.

Why Getting it Right On-Site Matters

Relying on post-production fixes not only increases the time and cost involved in video editing but can also diminish the authenticity and quality of your footage. Achieving proper white balance and exposure during the shoot ensures that the video looks natural and that the colours are true to life. This is crucial because adjusting these elements in post can often lead to less than satisfactory results, where colours may not render correctly or noise becomes more apparent.

Choosing the Right Lens and Frame

The lens you choose has a significant impact on the storytelling aspect of your video. Selecting the right lens for the desired framing is essential because it affects how the viewer perceives your message. Additionally, ensuring that nothing unwanted is in the frame before you start recording avoids distracting elements that can detract from the focus of your video.

Ensuring On-Camera Talent Looks Good

Making sure your talent looks good on camera is more than just a vanity issue. It’s about ensuring that they appear approachable and credible, which enhances viewer engagement. Checking the talent’s appearance, from wardrobe malfunctions to makeup issues, before filming can prevent distractions and maintain professionalism in the video.

At FlyPress Films, we prioritize preparation and attention to detail prior to filming, often spending an hour or two for initial setup. Making sure our framing is good, lighting is correct, and audio is being captured (including redundant audio). We’ll often have our ‘talent’ stand in towards the end of setup, so we can tweak the final details. This approach not only streamlines the post-production process but also enhances the overall quality of the video.

In conclusion, the goal in video production should be to minimize the reliance on “fixing it in post.” By focusing on getting everything right during the actual shoot— from technical settings like white balance and exposure to aesthetic considerations like framing and talent appearance—you ensure a smoother editing process and a superior final product. At FlyPress Films, we stand by the belief that what happens in front of the camera is just as important as the work done behind the scenes.


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