In video marketing, understanding the lifespan of your content is crucial. Some videos are for short-term brand promotion—like holiday specials or event highlights. Others, known as evergreen content, remain relevant indefinitely. At FlyPress Films in London, Ontario, and Kentucky, USA, we specialize in determining the specific needs of your video content.

The Benefits of Both Long and Short-Term Relevance

There’s a role for both short-term and lasting content in a strategic marketing plan. Short-term videos drive immediate engagement or capitalize on trends. They create buzz and impact promotional campaigns or seasonal events effectively. Conversely, evergreen videos are designed to be timeless, attracting viewers and staying relevant without an expiration date. These often focus on core brand messages, tutorials, or customer testimonials.

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How We Make Your Video Evergreen

Creating evergreen content involves focusing on timeless topics and consistent value. At FlyPress, we blend deep brand understanding with high-quality production. Our evergreen videos avoid mentioning specific dates and use timeless visuals. We focus on universal themes that resonate over time. This not only ensures longevity but also maximizes your content investment.

Guy with camera - Flypress Content Longevity

Should My Video Be Evergreen?

Deciding if a video should be evergreen depends on your marketing goals and content nature. If building a long-term brand reputation or providing ongoing value is your aim, choose evergreen. However, for targeting a specific event or promotion, a short-lived video might be better. We work closely with clients to determine the best strategy for their brand. We balance current trends with long-term goals to tailor a video content strategy. This strategy serves immediate needs and supports future ambitions.

At FlyPress, we pride ourselves on creating captivating video content. Our work meets the immediate needs of our clients and withstands the test of time. Whether capturing a momentary trend or building a lasting resource, we help your story stay relevant, engaging, and impactful. Join us, and let’s make your brand story timeless.

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