Brand Video – Dr. Oakley Smith: Video Production for a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

We created a brand video and process video for Dr. Oakley Smith Rhinoplasty. Dr. Oakley Smith specializes in cosmetic and plastic nose job surgery, or Rhinoplasty. His surgical practice is focused exclusively on aesthetic, cosmetic and/or reconstructive nose job surgery. He is one of the only surgeons in North America who limits his practice to Rhinoplasty surgery and is one of the most skilled cosmetic nose job surgeons in the country. Dr. Oakley’s profound love of creating art through painting and sculpture has been an immeasurable asset to his professional life as a surgeon. Capturing him at his office in Toronto, in his element as both a surgeon and an artist was amazing – the precision, creativity, and care were impressive.



To showcase the entire patient process, to highlight Dr. Oakley’s love of art, and how it relates to his profession, and to answer patient’s FAQ’s.


We created a brand video, that highlighted his business process. We also used video production to answer any FAQ’s from his patient. In addition to this, we also produced an artist video for Dr. Oakley.

To showcase the patient’s process with Dr. Oakley and his incredible team, we captured authentic patient interactions at his office and created a video with Dr. Oakley’s interview describing the process, cut with both B-roll of the patient interacting with the team, and B-roll of Dr. Oakley in the operating theatre, performing surgery. As a result, these visuals and the interview, paired with powerful music, conveyed the process clearly while capturing the personality, philosophy, and style of Dr. Oakley and his team.

In order to highlight Dr. Oakley’s love for creating art, we interviewed him in his studio and filmed him sculpting and painting. We were able to capture his passion and his creativity both in his studio and in the operating theatre, creating a video that shows his attention to detail, unique style, and how his artistic passion and skill directly translate into a better surgical result for patients.

Similarly, to answer patient’s FAQ’s, we created short, buzzworthy videos to be informative and engaging. Because these were designed for sharing on social media, they needed to be direct and short. The direct answers cut with relevant B-roll showcased Dr. Oakleys competence and ability as a surgeon.



  • Pre-production 
  • Multiple filming days & locations
  • Video editing & colour
  • Sound FX
  • Music licensing
  • Social media edits
  • Video hosting & revision adjustments


  • Canon C200 – 12-bit 4K RAW 
  • Aperture Light-Storm therefore with bounces/diffusion
  • Canon L Series glass
  • Sennheiser MK416
  • DJI Ronin S with addition of the Canon c100 II
  • Adobe Premiere Pro & Lightroom


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