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Your business is making a difference in people’s lives and you’re offering the best products or service on the market. You know, that there is the need to reach more people and grow your business even more – to make the impact you know you can make. But how? The internet seems to be the answer, but it’s a crowded space and it’s hard to get noticed amongst the crowd.

The answer is engaging, beautifully crafted, emotionally-driven videos.

With captivating videos, you can connect with potential customers within minutes of them landing on your site or social media platform, and they will gain immediate trust in you.

We have two locations, our Canadian 🇨🇦 location is just outside of Toronto and you will find us shooting within the GTA and west towards Niagara most days. Our other location is in the United States, 🇺🇸 located mid Kentucky you will find us shooting around the Tri-State area (Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky).


Tell Your Story / Engage with Video / Lead Your Industry

Our Video Portfolio

Each video project we take on is a reflection of your brand and custom to you. Our brand stories are always executed in an engaging and captivating style using creative angles, authentic moments, and stylized music that represents your business and creates instant trust with your audience.

Hear from others like you

The fact that you’re here, exploring your brand video options, proves that you are looking for ways to engage your audience and lead your industry. Our clients are using the power of video to control their brand message and stand out in a saturated market. Watch the videos below to hear from them directly.

"We were hesitant to put ourselves out there until we knew it could be done right. FlyPress delivered a level of quality we felt was in line with our brand."

Madison Taylor
Madison Taylor Design

"In this day and age, video is a must. If you want to communicate something, video is the best way to do it."

Rob MacIntyre
Black Creek Labs

"Their carefully crafted vignettes and scenes really captured what it’s like to come to our clinic."

Dr. William Andrade
Chief of Plastic Surgery

"Films needs to be authentic and that’s the number one thing that Flypress can always produce."

Matthew Collins
Celebrity and Editorial Hair Stylist

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We spend most days between Toronto and Kentucky but often fly coast to coast to capture your brand story. Our team is looking forward to speaking with you. Let's start the conversation! 


American Location: Kentucky

Also Servicing: Tri-State Area, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, New Albany, Indianapolis, Evansville, Florence, Lexington, Louisville, Knoxville, Nashville


Canadian Location: Toronto

Also Servicing: Southwestern Ontario, Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, London, Niagara, Sarnia, Windsor, Hamilton


We don’t shy away from travel, let us know the destination.

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