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How Emily’s Hair Blew Us Away

We’ve been blown away by the response from our Emily’s Hair video.  When we first booked Emily’s hair appointment I told Rich he had to document this event and craft a little video that we could share.  I knew Emily would steal the show, as usual, with her cuteness and spunky character.  As Rich pieced together the bit of footage he gathered, we realized we had something really special.  We posted it to social media. Our families shared it.  Our friends shared it.  And apparently thousands of other people shared it, too.  WOW.  We were not prepared for the response it received.

Within 4 days it had over 70 000 plays on Vimeo alone.  We were blown away with these numbers.  Now we are at 2 weeks since the video was posted and between both Vimeo and YouTube stats, the plays are at 2.5 million!  Something about this story struck a chord with people. Considering almost everyone has been affected by cancer in some way, I think there is a connection people are feeling when they watch a sweet little 3 year old try to comprehend what cancer patience are dealing with.  We were flooded with comments about Emily’s cuteness, her compassion, the inspiration, the precious comments about her Uncle ‘Maffew’, and the many emotions it evoked in people.  We love all the praise (because who doesn’t), but I feel it’s important to state that Emily is just like any other typical 3 year old.  What Emily did, that was most meaningful to us…was that Emily was willing to give something that she had a lot of, something that could be of great meaning to another person.  We hope though, is that as Emily matures she will learn to make her own selfless decisions that inspire and bring hope, even if there is a cost.


Newborn Emily

Let me share a little more about Emily’s story.   I guess you could say it all began on April 23, 2010.  Emily was born, and born with a lot of hair. A full head of hair.  The nurse at the hospital snuck her down to the nurses station to show the others cause they didn’t believe her as she tried to describe her thick, full head-of dark hair with frosted blonde tips. By 3 years old it was time for a serious hair cut – it was getting too long for a busy little 3 year old.   We determined that it was long enough to make a wig for someone suffering with cancer.  We suggested to her that we cut her hair off and donate her hair for wigs for cancer patients.   We sat down and explained to her what cancer was, that some kids got really sick and lose all their hair, and that people can donate their hair to make wigs for these kids. We told her it had to be cut really short to get enough length from it and Emily told us she was excited to ‘share her hair’…on the condition that “uncle Maffew would cut Dolly’s hair too”.


Emily at 4 months old

I also wanted to talk about the organization we sent Emily’s hair to.  Emily’s hair donation measured 7”. We found a salon, 360 Hair, in Langley, British Columbia that accepted hair lengths as short as 6” minimums.  [most places require minimum 8-10” – obviously the longer the better].  I was so excited about their program after speaking with them over the phone and this is why their wig donation program ROCKS;

  • their hair donation program is teamed with the Canadian Cancer Society
  • they offer free, fully customized wigs for cancer recipients under the age of 19 years
  • their wigs are hand-tied, made from a custom mold of recipients head, no synthetic hair added
  • the recipient gets to choose their length, colour, texture, density, etc
  • once the wig is crafted, a master stylist & colourist shape and put finishing touches on wig
  • they make upwards of 15-25 custom wigs/month (providing they have enough hair donations)
  • they have a high standard of quality as they want to ensure the wig will last the recipient at least 2+ years of wear
  • they ask the hair donors to send contact information with the hair, they pass the contact info to the wig recipient and encourage them to send a note back to the donor.  so cool!

If you or someone you know is interested in donating hair, please consider sending to 360 Hair. [1-855-510-1128]

Address to send hair donation to 360-Hair:

  • 360 Hair (Hair Donation)
  • 5952 200th Street
  • Langley, British Columbia, Canada
  • V3A 1N3


Thank you to everyone who posted, shared and commented.  We hope it brought you joy, inspiration and smiles.

-Amy James

83 comments on “How Emily’s Hair Blew Us Away

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  2. This is the most inspiriing story ever, what a cute little girl what a gift. I am so glad I seen this video on T.V.
    I just opened a small business called Jean’s Hat Shaque. I’m not on the web yet, I crochet beanie hats for children, women and men, and I if someone tells me they know someone who has cancer I give them a beanie, I do sell to others but to those who have cancer it is my gift to them. Some people can’t get a wig so I try to help.
    Jean’s Hat Shaque
    2224 9th Ave.
    Lewiston, Idaho 83501

  3. Emily,you are truly a little Angel, everyone is so very proud of you, thank you for what you do.

  4. This video is precious in so many ways. Emily is not only a brave little girl but she’s beautiful to watch. Putting her on video and watching her made me feel tingly inside & happy. As a cancer patient myself, and being a woman, was difficult to watch your hair fall off; so I thank EMILY and all those who donate hair, for sacrificing their own vanity.

    “All good deeds do not go unnoticed”

  5. My own five year old daughter Morgan recently cut her hair with the idea to donate it to help make a wig for children with cancer. After doing a bunch of research online, Morgan decided that the 360-Hair program was the one for her…and she absolutely adored Emily’s video.

  6. Hello, thank you for sharing that information about the salon… I have an Emily too, she was born April 21, 2010 :) We strive very hard to teach our little ones that giving is so important, even when it isn’t a big deal to us it might be HUGE to someone else and we just never know.

  7. +GOD BLESS THIS LITTLE GIRL+ For being so small, she can see the hurt that kids go through when their sick, and she is giving them a gift of love from her heart.
    GOD PLEASE BLESS THIS LITTLE ANGEL , and watch over her always.

  8. There is an organization, Children With Hair Loss, that does NOT charge a penny for children (under 21) for a wig. In addition to a wig the child receives products, a wig stand and a head covering for when they are not wearing the wig. Awesomeness!

  9. I have a 7 yr old with LOTS of hair and we have been discussing this very thing. However, mine is having a hard time letting go. I am hoping Emily’s story will prod her into being of a giving spirit.

  10. What a sweet little girl. Of course she did this but wanna say thank you to her parents! To raise a little girl the way they did this is amazing! I try to raise mine as good people too so gonna have a talk to my girl ( 9 years) in the morning! Thank you Emily and thank you mom and dad!

  11. This video is so impressive. Bravo to her parents for teaching Emily at such a young age to be a giving person. Hope this teaches others to teach their children as well.

  12. What a beautiful spirit of a little girl. We share a birthday, I’m going to cut my hair on my birthday for Emily and share it. We share something and that’s A LOT of hair…

  13. I have donated my hair several times. But I recently moved to the other side of the country, and this time, when I got my hair cut, the hairdresser told me that I would have to mail my donation myself. As I searched on the internet, I realized that I have no idea which organization to donate to. Some groups seem like they might use the donations for profit, and I don’t appreciate that. Thanks for sharing your daughter’s story and giving me a link to an organization that I feel good about supporting!!!! I will be FINALLY mailing off my pony tail, tomorrow!!!!! Yay!!!!

  14. How sweet of her. Very considerate for a 3 year old & very smart. My daughter was born 39 years ago with a head full of thick dark brown hair with frosted tips also. For her hospital picture the nurses put her hair in ponytail on top of her head. This little Emily is AMAZING! She could teach some of us older people how to be more compassionate. Thanx for sharing her story.

  15. What a sweet thing for her to do. Thank you for sharing this story with us. She has really touched my heart. <3

  16. Amazing story. I have only seen one other baby ever with dark hair and frosted blonde tips and that was my cousin EMILY. Hmm must be an Emily thing. Very inspiring story!

  17. My 5 yr granddaughter is doing the same thing. A classmate of hers has cancer and she is growing her hair to donate. We are so proud of her for doing this.

  18. My littlest was born with just as much hair as your little Emily. I am looking forward to the day that we can donate her beautiful hair.

  19. Thank you for sharing this. I have a almost 4 yr old. we had come to the decision to cut her hair before seeing this video. But now to see this and know a place that will take a childs hair that is only 6′ is wonderful. I even showed her the video and explained that I think we should donate her hair to a child that needs it as well. So excited to do this. I hope I can convince her from here on out to grow her hair and donate it. I now as well know of a place that will take treated hair and will grow mine out again as well to donate. Thank you so very much for sharing this!

  20. God bless u emily !!! My little girl is 6 and has only had her hair cut once BC she cut it her self when she decided she wanted it short like u she wanted to donate it but when she asked the lady to do that for her she told her it was an inch to short it was just about down to her butt and I didn’t think she could BC I didn’t know where she could donate and thanks to u now I know thank u so much.. The hair looks great!!!

  21. What a Princess, beautiful on the inside and out! I loved this and it made me just sob and how loving and caring this little girl was. What great parents she has! God placed all that beautiful hair on her for a reason! He always has a plan! My father is suffering from cancer and I am afraid the battle for him is nearing an end, but what a great thing this little girl has done. This will put a smile on a young child’s face just to have beautiful hair! What a great family!!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  22. Emily’s hair as baby reminds me of our oldest daughter’s hair as a baby. It too was dark with frosted tips. She got shown around, too. Her pediatrician said it was the second most amazing baby’s hair he had seen. He may have be biased, the first was his own son’s hair. Our other daughter donated to Locks of Love once.

  23. What a beautiful story! and a very kind little girl with a very giving heart!
    I am 58 yrs old and I grow my hair ( and cut off 14 inches, twice so far, because I can) and donate it to Angel Hair for kids, Mississauga, Ontario!
    I am thrilled to find a place here in Ontario, just down the road from me (I am in London) that I can donate my hair, who will make wigs for children that have lost their hair and can’t afford wigs!
    It is nice to find those that will accept it and use it for good, not for profit!
    Bless you Emily, I know YOU will donate many times over your lifetime! I know I will until I no longer can!

  24. Wonderful you thought to record it! We had a three generation donation one year in memory of my dad. I, my daughter, and her son all donated over a foot of hair each. I was so proud of the kids, who volunteered when they heard I was going. Kane had his hair mohawked :)

  25. I just watched Emily’s video. I am so proud of her for being such a Giver. Mom and Dad, you have taught her well. Her heart for others will be a blessing to those she meets as she grows up. Because she is a Giver many will give to her. Greatness is upon Emily’s life. She will teach others how to give and how to have a heart for giving. She is destined to become one of the world’s greatest givers. She is going to make you so proud to call her your daughter. I pray blessings upon Emily’s life and upon your family in Jesus name Amen. May the Lord bless and keep you.

  26. So, I am an 18 year old girl with long blonde curly hair. Probably the only thing about my appearance I get compliments is my hair. A few days old my swim coach said that I would make someone’s day by donating it. I have always wanted to donate since a friend of mine passes a way of leukemia in third grade. But hadn’t thought about it since. After seeing this video, I am definitely going to. Emily is only 3 and she is an inspiration to me and to all. I cannot believe that she is only 3 and is so willing to donate. I truly think that everyone should watch this video because she really is inspiring. After watching this I can’t wait to grow my hair a little longer and then donate!!

  27. What a special heart your sweet Emily has. I would also like to share with you the story of my sweet little girl, Audrey. She is four years old, and last year when she was three was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer. Her favourite princess of all-time is Rapunzel (in fact, I am sitting in a Ronald McDonald House bedroom at this moment and looking at her sweet bald head on her pillow as she sleeps in her Rapunzel nightie with her Rapunzel slippers beside the bed)! As she is so young and wigs are hot and itchy, she has never used one and prefers to go ‘au naturel’. However, we have many teenage friends in Cancerland who do use wigs.

    We had a friend whose daughter was inspired by Emily and is also cutting her hair on Monday to donate it. We are so blessed to have support all around us.

    However, I’d like to issue a challenge to you as well. With the type of attention you have received, I’d encourage you to advocate not only for the gift of hair, but also for childhood cancer awareness and for research funding. Only 3% of cancer research funds in Canada go to researching childhood cancers. As a parent on the front-lines, I can tell you that children are dying. Children are receiving extremely toxic treatments that not only kill their cancers, but also cause a multitude of side effects that will last for the rest of their lives. I urge you to use the exposure your daughter has blessed you with to advance this knowledge for others.

    Thank you for raising a child in this world who will undoubtedly always look for ways to help others. I hope that one day a sweet three-year-old who cut her hair, and a brave four-year-old who fought cancer will meet by chance, and talk about their mutual childhood love of Rapunzel.

    Blessings to you and your family.

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  30. What a great story!!
    I was five when my parents brought me to the barber shop put my hair in a braid an chopped my hair off.. The reason so I can take care if it when I went off to sleeping camp. My father kept my braid without my knowledge until my 50th bday 45 years later. I put it in a envelope all intact the barrettes still in place the paper lunch ban that kept it in good condition and a note to a child who I prayed for in thier quick recovery.. Amen .

  31. This is Absolutely without a doubt The Most Precious Thing I Have Ever Seen! Kudos to Emily,
    Matthew, and She has a Great Mother no doubt!!! Becky Wilson Maryville, Tn

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  33. Emily made me cry. If only the beautiful pure spirit of a child remained forever the world would be so wonderful. IMAGINE!!!!
    Emily’s mummy and daddy must be very special people to help Emily understand how to help others
    Sending love and best wishes to all including the people who are sick right now.

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  35. This just made my night!! I just lost a sister who had cancer please share this video, how is it little children have this beautiful untainted heart…and love everyone!! Emily is my new hero! <3 :) Bless you lil woman! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  36. Both of my granddaughters grew there hair for lock of love. Their mother taught them exactly what you taught Emma . Such a wonderful thing to show at such a young age !!!

  37. Emily is a cutie pie, and uncle maffew is an amazing hair cutter. Lol my 8 little girl Abigail donated 14 inched to locks of love a year and a half ago…. she is looking Foward to do it again next year. We will be looking into these organizations as well. Thank you Emily

  38. Twinkle twinkle little star, how i wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky. Thank you for reminding us that simple kindness is nothing more than cutting your hair and your dolly too for someone else to enjoy. Shine bright Emily James you little sprite.

  39. It is SO hard NOT to fall in love with Emily’s little heart. Such a brave and giving little girl. Thank you for raising such a caring and beautiful little girl. May she inspire us all, and make our hearts young once again. Thank you for sharing such a WONDERFUL story! <3


  40. Such a very cute little girl, and so nice that she’s willing to share her hair

  41. Hey Rich and Amy,
    Your video made it all the way to China!!! LOL!. So cute! My Chinese friends love it. If you can send me a link for me to download it I would love to post it on the Chinese style Youtube for you. (Youku) ….since none of us here can get on You Tube…Its blocked :-(
    We miss you guys
    Love Sonya, Jordan, Annamarie and Nathan

  42. I have about 8 inches of hair cut and in a pony tail. My hair dresser told me because there was color in it I couldn’t donate it. Does anyone know if this is true?

    • Hi Sarah,
      some organizations do not accept colour treated hair. We sent Emily’s hair to 360-Hair….see my blog for details. Go check out their website and see what they say about it, but I think they do accept colour treated hair.

  43. Wow. Emily your act of kindness overwhelms me and inspires me to do the same. My hair is approx 38 inches and I’ve been considering doing this. I just needed to find the right organization that I knew would give it to deserving children. Your a awesome little girl

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  45. This is amazing, I’ve watched this video several times and have shared it with so many people. Emily you truly have a pure heart and I hope as you grow up you stay the same. Thank you for the inspiration I have two beautiful girls of my own. You have truly touched and melted my heart with this thank you for showing us that there are still amazing people in this world.

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  47. She is an angel for sure! Thank’s for sharing your family’s story, just made my day better.

  48. Just an amazing little girl and beautiful video. When I lost my own hair to cancer/chemo it was one of the hardest things to face as a women. Wearing my wig was my little shield against the ugliness of this disease. So please tell her that even big kids appreciate her sacrifice. Thanks!

  49. What an inspirational child Emily is such a good cause the hair has gone too.. So much respect for such a young child… Great parents.

  50. Beautiful story about a beautiful little girl with a kind heart. Hope she does not ever change.

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  55. when I seen the video I started to cry. amazing 3 year old. she knows how to share, she’s got a heart of gold. some adults could learn a thing or two from this sweet 3 year old. I truly believe that she will amount to something great when she’s older. god bless this little girl. this made my day.

  56. I’ve lost my mother just over a year ago to a very aggressive cancer, she never had the opportunity to receive chemotherapy. And although I am disabled myself I cared for her every day she was ill.
    I so wished she had the opportunity to try and beat it. It would have been so lovely for her to have received a wig from someone like your wonderful selfless little Emily. It would have been a beautiful match as mum had the same spirit as young Emily.
    Thank for reminding me that there are still beautiful spirits like young Emily.

  57. Emily, You are a little beautiful girl and Beautiful mind.
    – Remember that “You’ve did the good thing in your life”
    – Wish you make the good thing like this forever, good girl.

    Your dad and your mom good luck to had you.

  58. It’s SOOOO cute and it’s a 3 year old. I can believe what I just saw it amazing and heart warming I’m glad that her mom/dad told her about this and what I’m most suprised about is the fact that I’m a 9 year old near the stage of 10 and I’ve heard of this but I never gave hair!
    Keep making more amazing video of the most adorable little girl…….


  59. I’m still crying after watching it for several times ! I’ got a little 7 y o daughter with long hair . I sent her this video. I’ve 3 nephews .. girls with so long italian strong hair .. they also got the copy of the mail ….
    They both 4 decided to cut their hair also ..;
    Then I’m still and more crying facing this emotion.
    Thank you.

    Bernard From Belgium.

  60. I have watched this so many times and end up crying every time! What a beautiful little girl – an angel indeed. God bless her and her lovely family including Uncle Maffew!

    Denise from England x

  61. Look a like, Was shocked too see this video of Emily. She looks just like my daugther Perla (6 years) in South Africa. They are like twins.

  62. Oh wow, what an amazing beautiful young girl you have there. I have tears rolling down my face still. I wanted to donate my hair to My mother when she was diagnosed with an aggressive, but she refused to let me take a pair of scissors to my hair. (-/+ 26 inches),
    Having Hair or a wig at least lets the sufferer feel normal and stops people from pitying them, knowing they are sick…

    You have taught your little Emily Well and I wish you your whole family and The amazing Uncle Matthew ALL the best for the future.

    (South Africa)

  63. You are the most amazing little girl you are a true blessing and you were put here for a reason to help those suffering from cancer

  64. I just saw Miss Emily’s video and was moved to tears. I have shared it on my Facebook Community page entitled A Vision of Grace.
    My caption for the post was “As long as little girls like this exist in this Universe…I will forever be grateful that I am a part of it!”

    Much Love and Grace and thanks Emily & Uncle Matthew and all her precious family who have flowered and nurtured this loving, giving soul.

  65. Thank you for the information about 360. I was doing research regarding hair donation for my daughter as well and the 6″ was encouraging though I was a little sceptical since their website isn’t great. Knowing you talked to them encourages me to donate to them…also to keep her hair in, not only Canada but BC is nice to know. And that is for children.

  66. Hello! We watched Emily’s story earlier this year. It inspired my five year old to grow her hair “for the sick kids”. We’ve been growing it all year and will probably cut it in March or April 2015. We hope to donate it to the Canadian Cancer Society through the 360 salon. We love the thought of what it mean for a sick child and how our daughter has helped someone in need…inspired by Emily. A million thanks for sharing.

    The Perry Family
    Berlin, Germany

    • Hello Perry Family,

      Thank you for sharing this. I will tell Emily that she inspired your daughter. Tell your daughter that she is doing a very nice thing that will make someone very happy. It’s so great for our children to learn from a young age how easy it is to share what they have with others. Merry Christmas!

      -Amy James


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